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> In England I suspect that many more people have some
> African ancestry
> than would ever guess that they had, because the
> Ninth legion was
> stationed here, and that legion recruited from North
> Africa.  When a
> legionary finished his service, he'd be offered land
> and a pension of
> sorts in the country in which he was at the time, so
> it seems very
> likely to me that a fair few men of African descent
> entered the British
> gene pool during the period of the Roman occupation
> of Britain.  I'd
> love to know whether the recent DNA sampling that
> was done all over the
> country showed any sign of this....  Regardless of
> the facts, though,
> I've used this as a small stick for the beating of
> racialist bigots for
> many years.  It sometimes works surprisingly well.

Bryan Sykes in "The seven daughters of eve" noted the
case of two people in some isolated part of scotland,
whose ancestors had lived there for centuries who both
had a rare gene found only in east asian and american
indian populations, one had the south american indian
version and the other had the east siberian, and no
one in either family had any idea of how it could have
got into scotland, I think it was in the mitocondrial
DNA so it must have come through a female line.


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