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Sat Nov 8 17:53:22 EST 2003

> >I thought it was a little too much to make Jarback both physically
> >disfigured and emotionally unstable.

Well, but physical disfigurement does sometimes have that effect on a
person's mental or emotional processes.  It seemed reasonable to me.

> I always thought of him as one of those people who tries to seem weird
> to impress people, or make them think he is interesting and mysterious.

That he was too, I think.

I've always thought of him as someone who's a bit mentally/emotionally
twisted by his physical problems, but who is also genuinely different from
his family/acquaintanceship, and has chosen to cultivate that difference and
shove up their collective nose.  Knowing full well that they will not call
him on it, because "he's a cripple".  He's not exactly a nice man, but I've
always had a very soft spot for Jarback - I identify with him in a lot of
ways.  I hope I would not be so mean as to destroy someone's dream the way
he tried to Emily's, but in most other respects I suspect I would behave
exactly as he does, were I in his situation.

And besides, he has so much more personality than Teddy.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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