Nig-nog, and insults

deborah deborah at
Fri Nov 7 17:28:50 EST 2003

I seem to be doing this lots, lately, but I think i've reached a point
of discomfort with this thread and its length, and i'd like us to drop
it, except as it pertains to dwj or literature.  I've contributed to it,
I know.  But the list guidelines I sent out recently did say "no
politics except as  they are on-topic", and this thread has become very
political, and not on-topic.  So anyone who wants to pick up on
discussions that have begun about Wilkin's Tooth/Witch's Business,
Heathens in Spellcoats, Power of Three, or anything similar, go to town.
Otherwise, let's lay this one.  And my apologies for contributing to
something and then shutting it off; I know that's rude.

I read Proust in my room while eating marzipan.
	-- Walter Benjamin, 1926

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