Nig-nog, and insults

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Fri Nov 7 17:11:33 EST 2003

Otter Perry wrote:
>Hendon, Alison wrote:
>> Well, actually there's very mixed feeling on this.  A number of "Native
>> Americans" prefer "Indian".  Oyate ( just uses
>> "Native".
>Correction noted.  When in doubt, I guess you ask.

The trouble is that you can't, very easily, if a group of people are
feeling touchy on the subject; asking is in itself offensive, at a
guess, quite apart from the fact that the members of any given group
probably won't agree about it anyway. Quite a number of people
who live in the British Isles seem not to mind being called
"Brits", for instance, and even use the odious term themselves.  :-)

Possibly the moral of this entire thread is that if you have to talk
about individuals as groups, chances are it'll turn out wrong, and it's
ever so much better to be able to say "My friend Jane".  After all, how
likely is it that in conversation with someone you will need to say "and
what exactly do you prefer your race to be called"? I can't think of a
single time I have needed to say "Ah, what do you Welsh think
about...[x]" to any friend who happens to be from Wales, either.

Though mind you, if *one more person* tells me what a consistent and
logical language Welsh is as regards spelling and pronunciation, I may
yet start to mutter about "you Welsh..." as opposed to saying "oh for
goodness' sake Bronwen, now you're going to tell me all the exceptions
to that again..."

(Only a joke, Amanda, only a joke!)



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