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Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Fri Nov 7 11:29:41 EST 2003

Sarah wrote:

> And I thought 'Latino' or 'Latina' only referred to people whose 
> background was from Latin America - which doesn't include Mexico, does it?

Latin America includes Mexico.  Maybe you're remembering that Mexico
is in North America?  Most people in the USofA have a lot of trouble
remembering that -- they think Mexico is in Central America.

Latino/Latina is the latest permutation I know of, though I admit
that where I live now is hardly on the cutting edge of PCness.
When I was in the law school admissions biz in the mid 70s, we were
going through a period of 'Spanish-surnamed'.

The problem with 'Hispanic' is that it apparently refers to
the Caribbean islands or something -- I've never been entirely
clear on this -- but in the eastern USofA it mostly means folks
from Puerto Rico and their descendants [sp?].  'Chicano', on
another paw, definitely means people from Mexico.  The dept. in
my university was Chicano/Boricua Studies.  I don't even remember
what 'Boricua' means.

PC note:  The only totally PC way to refer to the United States
of America is just that.  That's why I use USofA.  'America'
covers the whole hemisphere, and even 'United States' isn't
enough because Mexico is a 'United States', too.  Ain't life

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