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> magic's aid" in 1949, but again not teen. Since then
> wiccan and neo-pagan ideas of witchcraft have
> inluenced most, if not all, appearences of witches in
> fantasy fiction. How many novels (except for those
> from the Christian right) written since, say, 1970,
> feature a traditional evil, pointed hat, broomstick
> riding, in league with satan, malice-working witch.
> Monica Furlong's "Wise Child" (1987) could also be an
> early example, although there is a very un-wiccan,
> traditional type witch there too, and the author is
> certainly not a wiccan.

I would say that there are a number of kid's books since 1949 that involve
both bad and good non-wiccan witches. :) _Little Witch_ for instance, or
the witches and wizards in John Bellair's books.

Now, even the bad witches in most of these cases aren't in league with
Satan... but they are, recognizeable, the witches of our childhood, and of
the idea of witch-- people who can by some means or another manipulate
reality, and often wear black, etc. etc.

Then there are the occasional appearances of evil witches from other
cultures, such as Navajo 'skinchanger' witches.

-- Pani Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
"Our whole American way of life is a great war of ideas, and librarians
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