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Fri Nov 7 06:07:28 EST 2003

Otter Perry wrote:

>And Sally's right.  If you have African ancestry, that tends to
>take precedence, in the view of the world, over any other ancestry.

In England I suspect that many more people have some African ancestry
than would ever guess that they had, because the Ninth legion was
stationed here, and that legion recruited from North Africa.  When a
legionary finished his service, he'd be offered land and a pension of
sorts in the country in which he was at the time, so it seems very
likely to me that a fair few men of African descent entered the British
gene pool during the period of the Roman occupation of Britain.  I'd
love to know whether the recent DNA sampling that was done all over the
country showed any sign of this....  Regardless of the facts, though,
I've used this as a small stick for the beating of racialist bigots for
many years.  It sometimes works surprisingly well.

obDWJ, how long did it take other members of the list to notice the race
of the Wilkins family? I took a very long time to twig to that. And when
I did, it really didn't seem particularly important, except that they
were admirable people and so I was glad about them being of a race that 
didn't turn up as good guys in an *ordinary* way in much children's
fiction at the time.  (I'm not counting the preachy stuff that's not
worth reading, obviously.)

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