Teen witches

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Thu Nov 6 17:49:47 EST 2003

----- > Oh. Do you mean 'teen witch' the movie, or Teen Witch, the wiccan
> by Silver Ravenwolf? the wiccan book came out in 1998.

Oops! That was my mistake, reading the LoC catalogue (I didn't know they
even had videos on their shelves!). Well gosh, 1998 is very late isn't it? I
know a lot of people out there are Buffy buffs, so correct me if I'm wrong
(again) but wasn't her friend Willow a recognizably Wiccan witch from an
earlier date than that? Maybe not. This is just from my vague memory of what
the witch at my conference said when she gave her paper - I don't follow

Perhaps I should have added, btw, that I'm not saying *The Changeover* is
Wiccan through and through, because there's a lot of other stuff in that
book, only that it uses quite a lot of Wiccan material, referencing things
like cones of power that are well known in that tradition but pretty obscure
outside it. Its overall ethos, too, particularly in terms of the
relationship of the witches with nature and natural energy, seems very much
in line with what (little) I know of Wicca.


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