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Emma Comerford emmaco at
Thu Nov 6 17:45:43 EST 2003

Quoting Sally Odgers <sodgers at>:

> > I'm intrigued, Sally.  That's usually a language thing Americans make
> > (eg calling a black Englishman "African American").  Is the term used
> > that often in the wild southlands where you are?
> Nope. We don't have any people of that descent in Tasmania, and I've never
> seen one in outer Aus, either. Therefore I use the term the USAers seem to
> prefer themselves.
> In the old days, I would have said "Negro", but I understand that's not
> acceptable now.

Here in Brisbane we have a largish (I have no idea of the percentage) population of people 
from Africa, mostly first or second generation I belive. I tend to call everyone Australian (if they 
are Australian rather than visiting students etc) and if necessary add "from Italy/Italian 
family" "Nigerian" "Ethiopian" etc.

But funnily enough I would say"African American" rather than using my system of "Kenyan" etc. 
Maybe because they've been there so long and may not know where there ancestors are from?

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