Teen witches

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> > Can anyone think of an earlier example of a teen witch book? (I mean
specifically Wiccan, not the kind of thing you find in Jill Murphy or even
the Chrestomanci books.) I can't, off-hand.
> Do you mean wiccan, or do you mean black-fingernails?
> Because there isn't much out there on wicca before Ravenwolf's Teen Witch
> popularized wicca; but witchcraft (as opposed to fantasy magic) shows up a
> lot in teen books. Like _The Active Enzyme Lemon-Freshened Junior High
> School Witch_, and then there's _Enter Three Witches_ (which is definitely
> a hoot), and so forth...

Well, I haven't read either of those (loved the first title, though!), but
from what you say I guess they're not going to be very Wiccan. *Teen Witch*
came out in 1989, right? Or so the Library of Congress tells me. Five years
after *The Changeover* - which I'd nevertheless say is a book permeated with
Wiccan ideas both general and specific - though perhaps wrongly (I'm hardly
an expert). And not a black fingernail in sight - there can't be anything
too goth about a book where the heroine wears a one-size-too-small school
dress and the hero rides a Vespa!


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