Elite[s] and elitists, Cooper and Others

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 6 15:16:16 EST 2003

--- jenne at fiedlerfamily.net wrote:
> > Speaking as a teacher who seems to have a couple
> guys of these type in my
> > class at the moment (why are they more often
> male?), I have to say that it
> > is very frustrating from the other end. When you
> have someone who is
> > bright, and who participates in class, but hands
> in work that is sloppy and
> > shows clear signs of being a rush job at the last
> minute, it does tend to
> > inspire sarcastic comments about underachievement.
> Yeah, my high school teachers kept me out of the
> National Honor Society
> for that reason. (It embarrassed them when I turned
> out to be the only
> National Merit Finalist in my year.) *shrug* I
> slacked on the grammar
> homework and turned in 40-page compositions that I
> had copied over in the
> previous classes. Some of my teachers were
> sarcastic... but then they had
> to put up with me making sotto voce comments on the
> material.
My youngest daughter is like this too, if soemthing
doesn't interest her she puts in only enough effort to
get the grade she needs. At high school she put in
only the effort to get eactly the grade she needed for
the university course she wanted to do, which when she
decided that that didn't realy interest her either she
dropped out of. She is now doing a nursery and
landscape gardening course into which she puts no
effort (although she does enjoy the subject) but all
the other students always ask her for the answers to
the work they are doing. It is annoying for parents as
well as teachers.


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