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>You know, all you people suck.

LOL!  I enjoyed your glowing appreciation of Navis a lot. You really made me 
see what you appreciate in his character, in both senses. I will keep an eye 
out for any wandering Navis and do my utmost to drive him toward you for 

My husband isn't a Navis or a Faramir. :)

When we were dating, of course he had to read all DWJs (as I had to read 
everything by Jack Vance).  He read to a certain part in Homeward Bounders 
and came to me with an odd look on his face.  He was really unsettled, in a 
sort of contradictory pleased/unpleased, bashful way.  This is because he is 
Adam in Homeward Bounders, or rather - at the same age, he was Adam in 
Homeward Bounders.  His war game collection is huge. He played them with 
buddies for hour upon hour.  He has a red-headed sister - and he completely 
identified with the speculative greed in Adam's adolescent mind when he 
entertained the fabulous sums he might make for selling his sister to 
Konstam.  Not that my husband's sister would ever allow such a scheme, which 
would clearly be doomed to failure for reasons including, but not limited 
to, her black belt (but isn't that perfect for demon fighting, anyway?).  
But he also reminds me of Sirius in his straightforward warmth and 
affection, and of Loki since he's quite mischevious.  I wouldn't trade him!

But - Sirius deserves a mention, even if he is all for Kathleen, eh?  
Doesn't it cheeve everyone that such a warmly affectionate character would 
waste his time on that nasty Companion??

I can't think why no one else has mentioned Abdullah!  But only consider - 
he is humble but does not unwarrantedly think ill of himself.  He is 
quick-witted - as when he begs the sultan to slay him instantly, because he 
knows the sultan cannot do so, because of the prophecy concerning his 
daughter.  He uses his brain to think things through and then executes his 
plan in a straightforward way (no matter how many detours or thrust upon 
him).  He has an excellent eye for quality and knows how to appreciate 
things and people, for themselves as well as for how to get around their 
obstructions to achieve his own objectives.  Moreover, it's a scream when he 
flatters the carpet and tries to finesse the genie.  And I love it when he 
throws a spin on the situation, encouraging people to see it in a slightly 
different and more positive, ahem, way.

How many people or characters could live through having to actually *live* 
their daydreams and fantasies?  Uncomfortable on many levels as that may be, 
he was a pretty good sport about it.  And he had the virtue of taking the 
knocks and accepting them - probably because of his humility.  Accurate 
perception and being able to make use of it - nice!  Of course, as a couple, 
he and Flower are a delight and I'd love to, say, have them as co-workers 
because it's a joy to work with people who know how to get things done.


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