Nig-nog, and insults

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Nov 6 11:08:34 EST 2003

> Why is 'negro' not allowable any more?  Is it derogatory?  And if it is,
> hispanic and is caucasian?

Dunno. I wouldn't be surprised! I tend to think of people I meet as
Australians if they sound like Australians, I suppose. There are kids of my
children's generation (I can think of four) who were born here or arrived as
infants. They may look somewhat Asian, but they sound and act like other
Australian young adults. However, the whole thing gets shaky when someone on
telly mentions "The Greek Community" or "The Aboriginal Community" and then
there's a sort of ... hold on!

I suppose there are communities within communities, but we never hear about
"the Caucasian Community" or, for that matter, "The Hispanic Community."

Things get shakier still when the laws for one community differ.

It would be very much easier if we could all regard one another and
ourselves as Australians of such-and-such descent and be treated equally,
but I suppose that's easy for me to say. I am of Irish and English descent,
but it's so many generations back that I definitely couldn't get away with
calling myself English or Irish. They'd take one look at me (and half a
listen) and laugh. So I have no options. I am Australian and that's that.

This is getting too mine-fieldy for me... and I do, as Anita pointed out,
live in a pocket that's a virtual monoculture, so I'll shut up now. On this
subject, anyhow!


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