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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Nov 6 10:31:30 EST 2003

> You must lead a sheltered life.

I do indeed!

> I'd be very surprised if there were absolutely no africans/p.o.african
> descent living in Tasmania.

There may be ... but if so, I've never seen one.

>What about uni students and basketball
> imports, just for a start.

The universities are nowhere near where I live, and the preferred sports
here are football (of varied persuasions), cricket (I think we had a
Pakistani captain once), and chopping, none of which I ever watch. I think
if there were any imported sportspeople of a darker hue I would have seen
them around town, and I haven't. In the last full week, I've walked 30 or so
km around our town with the dogs, visited the local main street open air
craft market, gone shopping four times, been to the library and the post
office, and gone into the city for a couple of hours. In that time my
non-white contacts have been three. Perla, a Philippino lady who runs a
market stall, her 2 y-o grand daughter and one other Philippino who is a
market gardener. We have imported doctors, but I haven't seen one since I
had to take my daughter to the hospital two years ago. Maybe you can imagine
the culture shock I experience when I cross the strait and hit Melbourne?


Not to mention wives/husbands Tassie born
> Tasmanians might have met on their travels?
> Anita
> > > I'm intrigued, Sally.  That's usually a language thing
> > Americans make
> > > (eg calling a black Englishman "African American").  Is the
> > term used
> > > that often in the wild southlands where you are?
> >
> > Nope. We don't have any people of that descent in Tasmania,
> > and I've never seen one in outer Aus, either. Therefore I use
> > the term the USAers seem to prefer themselves.
> >
> > In the old days, I would have said "Negro", but I understand
> > that's not acceptable now.
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