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You must lead a sheltered life. Here in the (not so wild) west we have
plenty of "people of African descent" - not that I'd ever use such a
long winded term in RL. We have black people from Africa, the UK and the
US, as well as people of Aboriginal, New guinean and asian descent who
are also black. However, I live in Perth, I think country towns have a
lot fewer non-white people.

I'd be very surprised if there were absolutely no africans/p.o.african
descent living in Tasmania. What about uni students and basketball
imports, just for a start. Not to mention wives/husbands Tassie born
Tasmanians might have met on their travels?


> > I'm intrigued, Sally.  That's usually a language thing 
> Americans make 
> > (eg calling a black Englishman "African American").  Is the 
> term used 
> > that often in the wild southlands where you are?
> Nope. We don't have any people of that descent in Tasmania, 
> and I've never seen one in outer Aus, either. Therefore I use 
> the term the USAers seem to prefer themselves.
> In the old days, I would have said "Negro", but I understand 
> that's not acceptable now.

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