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Thu Nov 6 08:57:27 EST 2003

On Thursday 06 November 2003 14:12, Kyra Jucovy wrote:

> However, you can return to my good graces if you can tell me where to
> find all of these Navis/Faromir types that are lying around
> apparently everywhere, just waiting to be picked up as husbands ;-).

I don't know about *all* of them, but I picked mine up in a writing 
group. I'd sent a story to the secretary that he (the secretary) kept 
in his pocket for five months before leaving it lying around where the 
treasurer picked it up, read it and fell in love with it. The treasurer 
then wrote me a letter apologizing for the secretary's indolence, and I 
fell in love with his handwriting. I phoned him and we arranged to meet 
for a drink, and we fell in love with each other.


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