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Me neither, in fact I don't generally fancy book characters- maybe it's because I don't have a very visual imagination. The only one I can think of is Sorry, from Mahy's The Changeover, and I think it's because of Mahy describing his effect on Laura so well. In real life I think I'd be wary of him. 

I feel I'm always mentioning the (Mahy) Changeover, but your post put me in mind of a question I'd meant to ask some time ago and then forgotten.
A few months ago I went to an academic conference on Magic, and in the coffee break I got chatting to a group of witches, one of whom was doing a research project on the teen-witch phenomenon, which she saw as being largely inspired by Buffy. (She had a website where teen witches could share their experiences, and was planning to use the material in her PhD, I think.) Neither she nor anyone else in that group had come across Mahy's book, which being published in 1984 predates Buffy by what - 10 years? - and is packed with stuff that would make any would-be Wiccan drool.
Can anyone think of an earlier example of a teen witch book? (I mean specifically Wiccan, not the kind of thing you find in Jill Murphy or even the Chrestomanci books.) I can't, off-hand.
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