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Thu Nov 6 04:05:20 EST 2003

> *Seriously*?  No community of African descent *at all*?  Where did all
> the white folks come from?  And why didn't any black folks come from the
> same country?

Um. None. The white folks came, originally, from England, Scotland, Ireland
and Wales, with a few from Holland and the occasional German. I'm guessing
the black folks didn't come because they didn't choose to or weren't
transported as convicts.

In the last 30 years we've had a few Indians (mostly doctors, who never seem
to stay long), people from the Philippines (mostly ladies who've come to
marry local men), a few Greek people and a small number of Vietnamese.
That's pretty much that. Oh, we did have a Chinese population for a bit, but
they came here to mine, mined, made their stash and went home to China. We
also have a very tiny Aboriginal community, most of whom are
lightly-suntanned-looking at the most. The only two I know personally are
from the mainland.

We had a rather splendid black man (Fijiian, perhaps) who appeared in
Devonport (our nearest city) a few years ago. People would stop in their
tracks and *stare*. Down in Hobart there are a few more ethnic-looking
people, but where I live we're still a very bland-looking mix.


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