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Thu Nov 6 00:29:19 EST 2003

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003, Sally Odgers wrote:
|Nope. We don't have any people of that descent in Tasmania, and I've never
|seen one in outer Aus, either. Therefore I use the term the USAers seem to
|prefer themselves.

*Seriously*?  No community of African descent *at all*?  Where did all
the white folks come from?  And why didn't any black folks come from the
same country?

|In the old days, I would have said "Negro", but I understand that's not
|acceptable now.

"Black" is usually fine.  Or "of African descent".  Alternatively, use
the label a person has described to him- or herself, but that didn't
apply in this case, of course.

Someone once told me that _Black Maria_ was renamed here for racial
reasons, but I have much more faith in the notion that it was renamed
here because Americans don't have black maria taxicabs, and we wouldn't
know what one was if it ran over our collective foot.

-deborah, feeling culture-shocked.  or maybe that was just the latest
I need to bond with you.  It's part of my therapy.

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