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Wed Nov 5 23:36:09 EST 2003

> I don't find many of DWJ's characters fanciable, I must say. But I 
> think
> there is something about Thomas Lynn, and the Young One in Spellcoats.
> Robyn

Because there's something about musicians? *^.^*
I wonder if any Singers had groupies.

>> I assume that the dogs, at least, were actually dalmatians and not, 
>> say,
>> beagles  or golden labradors because they are so cute?
> They weren't dogs at all, they were a few cats, taped together.
> Robyn

I remember Brent Spiner once claiming that Spot in 'Star Trek: the Next 
Generation' wasn't in fact a cat, but 'a very tiny dog' that was a good 
You never know what these smooth Hollywood types will try to slip past 

> lizzie:

> - -Howl.  He goes up pretty high, here.  I can totally understand 
> fancying
> him.  I even do, in a sort of intellectual way.  But I think that I 
> still
> have an emotional barrier about him because I feel so angry on Sophie's
> behalf about the way that he concealed so much from her.  Or something 
> -
> he seems to be my type, but I don't fancy him.
> That makes sense. . . for me, it's more like I like him _with_ Sophie 
> so much
> that I find it hard to fancy him more than academically.

After all, it's uncomfortable to feel like a homewrecker in your crush.

> See, I like him best in LoCC.  In Charmed Life he bothers me because 
> he's so
> annoyingly powerful--I get mad at how little he tells Cat and Janet, 
> and what
> he puts them through.  Plus he's married x_x.  In LoCC, I looove him, 
> because
> he's still confused enough to be a bit of an underdog, and because I 
> feel like
> I have a lot in common with him (mostly the being confused by Flavian 
> not
> liking him bit--that always makes me cringe a bit and be nicer to 
> everyone
> around me).  In Charmed Life he just knows too much for me to really 
> fancy
> him. . . I can't wait to see what he's like in the next book.

There's going to be another Chrestomanci book? Goody gumdrops! I was 
afraid she had set those worlds aside.
I detect a tendency to resent magicians who keep secrets. C'mon, a 
magician *has* to keep secrets...

> I would love to see Awful, older, turn up in another book--I feel like 
> we got a
> lot of ideas as to what her life would be from the way she looked as 
> she grew
> up towards the end of Archer's Goon (and it was very perceptive of 
> Howard to be
> able to tell so much about her ;), and it's largely from his 
> perceptions of her
> as she aged that I _identify_ with her, but I think the bit that made 
> me just
> plain like her a lot was when we found out that she called herself 
> Awful.

I like the fact that she enjoys being mistaken for a boy. I more or 
less automatically imagine animated versions of most stories I enjoy, 
so now I mentally see Awful drawn in a very similar mode (although with 
a different personality, of course) to that of Ed in 'Cowboy Bebop.'
She'd have to wear more clothes than Ed, too; you can't go around in a 
teeshirt, bike shorts and bare feet every day in England.

> I also somewhat fancy Mordion, from Hexwood, despite ALL THOSE ISSUES. 
> . . but
> I've always had a thing for assasins. . .

Aargh, no, monobrow!
Sorry. Deep-seated anti-monobrow prejudice. Probably stems from Bert in 
'Sesame Street.'

> The thing about Jonathan Rhys Myers is that I keep trying to visualize 
> him as
> Howl, and then overlaying him in _Velvet Goldmine_ in my head. . . so 
> that the
> different suits that Howl wears become bedecked with glitter and 
> spangles. . .

One feels that Howl would enjoy that, too.
Or perhaps raiding the wardrobe of the Goblin King from 'Labyrinth.'

> I like that we're all picking wickedly skinny men for Howl, though ;)
> and--my big thing about casting the Howl movie?  James Earl Jones can 
> provide the voice for Calcifer.

Oh good God, who would even THINK of that? (runs up a tree in fright)
Ooh, lemons!

> ------------------------------
> Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 20:17:58 -0700
> From: Otter Perry <ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com>
> Subject: Re: dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #736
> Sarah wrote:
>> What people erroneously remember is often more memorable than what was
>> really said.
>> And things that look like things often look more like things than
>> things; well-known fact.
> Particularly to Granny Weatherwax.

One of my major role models. Though I tend to lean more to Nanny Oggism.

E you later,
(the artist formerly known as Sarah-neko)

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