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Aimee Smith s4028253 at
Wed Nov 5 21:30:37 EST 2003

> >I'd like to put it to the list --  who do you fancy, who could be
> >Why, or why not?

It's not so much for me who I fancy, as who I think is an interesting
character, really. I can't think of any DWJ character I am head over heels
for. But here goes:

Sounds like I'd like Mordion (maybe) and Navis, though I haven't read those
books yet... holidays coming up soon. I really liked Christopher Chant, but
I don't really like Chrestomanci. Only occasionally. A little too coolly

Most of the guys I liked would be completely impractical, if I can put it
that way... :)
I like Tom and Rupert and Howl and Nick. Howl has his drawbacks too but
again is magnetic. Nick is so *outwardly* stylish-cool, and
tall-dark-handsome to boot. Though he is an awful selfish slacker. Then
again, he did get better in TMC. Tom had the haunted, 'save me I'm fated to
die' thing but was using her, and  I thought Robbios would be interesting as
a human, and he was quite pretty. But again, selfish and vain as anything.

Rupert was really nice and was pretty responsible. And I really liked Uncle
Whatsit, the nice one, in LOCC. He was a rapscallion, but he was trying to
help Christopher. I seem to remember also liking Blade, though I am unsure
as to in what capacity. And that foreign gryphon who was going to wait for
Elda was sweet.

Maree was just a great character too. And I wanted to see more of Timotheo,
but he died.

I think I usually like the fact that these characters get together with
others that suit them. I'm usually nothing like the people they end up with.
I'm just a sucker for happy endings.

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