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Quoting Katarina Hjärpe <head_overheels at hotmail.com>:

> >
> >What about Rhys Ifans( Notting HIll etc)  for Howl? I am of course
> slightly
> >biased in that we were good friends for years, but I think he could do it.
> >Don't be misled by a lot of the roles he has played as an "idiot" - I've
> >seen him in Shakespeare etc and he's a damn fine actor. And Welsh. My vote
> >goes with anyone who can actually speak my language!
> You know, that's not a bad idea... He's no more too old for the part than 
> most of the others we've suggested, he's funny, and he can be very 
> good-looking when he puts his mind to it. (Which is, as someone pointed out,
> also the case with Howl.)
> And as you said, Welsh. Which helps.
> Katta

Oh, I really, really like him in everything I've seen him in. . . my only qualm 
is that I've never seen him in something serious enough to imagine him as 
Howl.  It seems a bit silly to say that he needs to be serious to play Howl, 
but. . . he does.

The thing about Jonathan Rhys Myers is that I keep trying to visualize him as 
Howl, and then overlaying him in _Velvet Goldmine_ in my head. . . so that the 
different suits that Howl wears become bedecked with glitter and spangles. . .

I like that we're all picking wickedly skinny men for Howl, though ;)

and--my big thing about casting the Howl movie?  James Earl Jones can NOT 
provide the voice for Calcifer.


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