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-Howl.  He goes up pretty high, here.  I can totally understand fancying 
him.  I even do, in a sort of intellectual way.  But I think that I still 
have an emotional barrier about him because I feel so angry on Sophie's 
behalf about the way that he concealed so much from her.  Or something - 
he seems to be my type, but I don't fancy him. 

That makes sense. . . for me, it's more like I like him _with_ Sophie so much 
that I find it hard to fancy him more than academically.

-Christopher Chant.  I am still of the conviction that there's something 
like a 75% chance that, if I had read _Charmed Life_ before _The Lives of 
Christopher Chant_, and at some point in my life after I was eight, I 
would fancy him utterly.  As things are, though, I always think of him as 
an arrogant, insensitive jerk of about my age (whatever my age is , and it 
just doesn't work. 

See, I like him best in LoCC.  In Charmed Life he bothers me because he's so 
annoyingly powerful--I get mad at how little he tells Cat and Janet, and what 
he puts them through.  Plus he's married x_x.  In LoCC, I looove him, because 
he's still confused enough to be a bit of an underdog, and because I feel like 
I have a lot in common with him (mostly the being confused by Flavian not 
liking him bit--that always makes me cringe a bit and be nicer to everyone 
around me).  In Charmed Life he just knows too much for me to really fancy 
him. . . I can't wait to see what he's like in the next book.

-Awful.  I have a hard time fancying women, and she's rather young.  But I 
think that if I ever were to develop a crush on a female person, it could 
easily be someone like Awful. . . I don't love people who are tactless, 
but I do love people who are tactless, know it, and don't care.  And 
Awful's so smart, as a little kid, I would love to see what she was like 
as an adult. 

Oooh, yes--I hadn't thought of it quite that way before, but I do rather have a 
crush on Awful.  She is SOO WONDERFUL.  My thoughts of worshipping her have 
more often taken the form of wanting to name a child after her some day--I 
mean, people name children for fictional characters all the time, right?  And 
she has so many qualities that I admire in people. . . but I've been told that 
my child would never forgive me for that, so I'll stick with my current 
favorite choices of Fortitude for a girl and Will Travel for a boy (this is 
mostly kidding).

I would love to see Awful, older, turn up in another book--I feel like we got a 
lot of ideas as to what her life would be from the way she looked as she grew 
up towards the end of Archer's Goon (and it was very perceptive of Howard to be 
able to tell so much about her ;), and it's largely from his perceptions of her 
as she aged that I _identify_ with her, but I think the bit that made me just 
plain like her a lot was when we found out that she called herself Awful.

I also somewhat fancy Mordion, from Hexwood, despite ALL THOSE ISSUES. . . but 
I've always had a thing for assasins. . .

characters I really like as people but would not shag: Gair from _Power of 
Three_, Rupert Venables, Mordecai Roberts (whose name I originally read as 
somthing like More-dee-chi, not quite sure how), Dirk and Blade in _Dark Lord_, 
but not so much in YotG, and the Goon from _Archer's Goon_ (more so than 

I do somewhat fancy Kit the griffin from _Dark Lord_ and YotG. . . but that's 
star crossed love to an extreme ;)

I forget who mentioned this--but I also really, really love Sempertain Walker 
from _Tale of Time City_.  I used to go around wearing pajamas with my hair 
done up in odd ways on top of my head so it would be like I was from Time City.

--lizzie, who has also considered changing her name to Awful.

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