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Wed Nov 5 18:59:56 EST 2003

Kyra, praising Navis

>-Navis: Navis is my Perfect Man.  Really.  Whenever I'm considering all
>of the imaginary people I love, I always come to the conclusion that Navis
>is the one I most wish were real.  I can spend hours thinking about this,
>and I'm at work, so I shouldn't, but he's just perfect.  There are four
>reasons why.  1) He is romantic.  He pined after his first wife for years,
>and then has deeply romantic feelings about Eltruda.  2) He is sarcastic.
>I simply couldn't ultimately bear dating anyone without a sense of humor,
>but Navis has one in spades.  He is, of course, the type of man who can
>raise only one eyebrow.  That's the best quote ever!  3) He is competent.
>I myself am very not, so I really like the idea of being with someone who
>is, so he can handle everything and I can just sail along and be handled.
>That scene in which he catches Clennen's fake daughter before she faints
>to the floor is just the hottest thing I have ever read.  Sigh.  4) He is
>moral.  This is sort of the icing on the cake.  So many of the guys I
>fancy in fiction are really right bastards, on the whole.  But Navis is
>actually a really good person who makes personal sacrifices in order to
>improve the lives of the less-well-off and who, despite having a lot of
>power, doesn't really seem to misuse it but instead tries his best to help
>people.  Navis is someone I can actually deeply respect and admire, not
>just an intensely hot, sweet, funny, perfect person.  5) DWJ says that she
>fancies him, too.  So I think my passion is Officially Sanctioned.  And
>yes, that is an extra reason.  I totally want him.

This totally enlightened me, because I have never really thought about Navis.

>PS: Does anyone have an extra Navis lying around their house?

Yes, he is my husband.

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