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> Charlie:
> >How different from the live-action sequel with Angelica Huston, which had
> >skunks, chipmunks and racoons running around as (supposedly) native East
> >Anglian beasts. Surely someone, somewhere in the production process, must
> >have protested? Someone must have noticed a decided lack of these animals 
> in
> >the English countryside? O tempora! O Johnny Morris!
> <shakes head repeatedly as if to get water from ears>
> <shudders>
> <develops twitch in left side of face>
> I knew, I just *knew* I was right not to go and see that.
> However, it might be worse.  They might have decided to film it in East
> Anglia and import all those cute li'l critturs, in breeding pairs, for the
> filming, and then kinda fail to take 'em home again afterwards.
> Eeek, argh, wibble.
That sort of almost happened in Prince Edward Island, didn't it? They 
imported skunks? It wasn't actually because of Anne, but it happened after the film 
of Anne of Green Gables (made in the US) featured a skunk, so it seemed like 

Incidentally, I have run into books based on the Disney version of Pooh that 
have things like skunks in them. 

Helen Schinske
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