snits was dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #731

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Wed Nov 5 17:34:23 EST 2003

--- Otter Perry <ottertee at>
> Sally Odgers wrote:
> > "Snitty". What a wonderful world! We use "Snarky"
> and "snitchy", and I
> > believe the USAers use "snippy", but I'd never
> heard of "snitty" before. May
> > I have it?
> Well, have you heard of being 'in a snit'?  I'd say
> this
> was a formation from that ....
>long time role play afficionados may recall a game
called "Snit smashing" there is a picture of a snit at
the top of this page

and also a link to some info on the game.


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