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Wed Nov 5 16:14:42 EST 2003

Oh, yay, my favorite topic in the world ;-)!

Umm. . . right.  So, surely everyone must know this already (hey, it's
even public knowledge on the Internet, as said to DWJ herself), but my two
main DWJ crushes are:

-Torquil.  He was my first crush ever, too - I got a crush on him when I
was eleven and haven't lost it yet ;-).  But that was before I even
recognized it as a crush.  And, yes, it's because of the whole shameless
shallowness and personable arrogance.  Plus, he's smarter than he looks -
I must admit, it took me three read-throughs of the book to figure out
exactly how his plot worked, but ever since then, I've been in awe of just
how quickly he managed to figure out Quentin's personality and make use of
that knowledge.  And he is capable of deeper feelings, as we all know,
which is good, because he isn't just shallow, but, at the same time, he
doesn't inflict them too heavily on other people, which is something I
personally prefer.  And he has such good stage presence!

-Navis: Navis is my Perfect Man.  Really.  Whenever I'm considering all
of the imaginary people I love, I always come to the conclusion that Navis
is the one I most wish were real.  I can spend hours thinking about this,
and I'm at work, so I shouldn't, but he's just perfect.  There are four
reasons why.  1) He is romantic.  He pined after his first wife for years,
and then has deeply romantic feelings about Eltruda.  2) He is sarcastic.
I simply couldn't ultimately bear dating anyone without a sense of humor,
but Navis has one in spades.  He is, of course, the type of man who can
raise only one eyebrow.  That's the best quote ever!  3) He is competent.
I myself am very not, so I really like the idea of being with someone who
is, so he can handle everything and I can just sail along and be handled.
That scene in which he catches Clennen's fake daughter before she faints
to the floor is just the hottest thing I have ever read.  Sigh.  4) He is
moral.  This is sort of the icing on the cake.  So many of the guys I
fancy in fiction are really right bastards, on the whole.  But Navis is
actually a really good person who makes personal sacrifices in order to
improve the lives of the less-well-off and who, despite having a lot of
power, doesn't really seem to misuse it but instead tries his best to help
people.  Navis is someone I can actually deeply respect and admire, not
just an intensely hot, sweet, funny, perfect person.  5) DWJ says that she
fancies him, too.  So I think my passion is Officially Sanctioned.  And
yes, that is an extra reason.  I totally want him.

On the Honorable Mention list, we can put:

-Howl.  He goes up pretty high, here.  I can totally understand fancying
him.  I even do, in a sort of intellectual way.  But I think that I still
have an emotional barrier about him because I feel so angry on Sophie's
behalf about the way that he concealed so much from her.  Or something -
he seems to be my type, but I don't fancy him.

-Christopher Chant.  I am still of the conviction that there's something
like a 75% chance that, if I had read _Charmed Life_ before _The Lives of
Christopher Chant_, and at some point in my life after I was eight, I
would fancy him utterly.  As things are, though, I always think of him as
an arrogant, insensitive jerk of about my age (whatever my age is , and it
just doesn't work.

-Awful.  I have a hard time fancying women, and she's rather young.  But I
think that if I ever were to develop a crush on a female person, it could
easily be someone like Awful. . . I don't love people who are tactless,
but I do love people who are tactless, know it, and don't care.  And
Awful's so smart, as a little kid, I would love to see what she was like
as an adult.


PS: Does anyone have an extra Navis lying around their house?

"I like it when that lightning comes!  Hey hey hey!!!  Yes, I like it a
			---Robert Smith (The Cure), "Hot Hot Hot!!!"

On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, mecha godscylla wrote:
>I'd like to put it to the list --  who do you fancy, who could be fancied?
>Why, or why not?

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