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Wed Nov 5 14:29:06 EST 2003

>Apparently I'm also something of a pervert, because I would add
>Calcifer.  And possibly Kit.  Or Elda.  If they were human.  Really.

Add me to that pervert list, because Calcifer with the voice and the 
cynicism... But he could be a human if he wanted to. Miss Angorian was after 

And Kit. *sigh* I don't know what it is with Kit. He's an arrogant bastard, 
but somehow with him I don't mind so much. But I don't wish he was human - I 
wish I was a griffin. :-)

My list would also include these (and ignoring that some of them are 

Howl for being a slacker with a secret (detachable) heart of gold. Sophie 
for being snappy and tough and really funny. The two of them together 
because the slacker-and-bitch combination is my favourite kind of pairing 

Torquil for being such a lovely drama queen and so shamelessly shallow. 
Hathaway for being nice and intelligent. Awful (once she grows up a bit) for 
being a total bitch and way more perceptive than most people around her.

Rupert for being a highly loveable prat who makes a mess of things even 
though he tries his best. Maree for being smart and unglamorous, and 
particularly if she was Julia Sawalha as Sallyo (I think) suggested. Nick 
for being so selfish and yet always ending up doing the right thing. 
Possibly even Kris, because there is *something* about centaurs... (not that 
I'd sleep with him – ick!)

Maewen for being a character that really feels like a real person - not that 
the others don't, but I can't summarize her personality the way I can with 

Janet for being sensible and smart and remarkably calm considering she's 
been ripped out of her world.

Adara for her wisdom and because I really, *really* like her physical 
description. And I might get behind the idea of Gest too - he reminds me of 
Howl a bit, if more dependable.

Possibly also Tacroy for being loyal, and because I heard somewhere that he 
and Torquil are supposed to be different aspects of the same person.

I think those are all the characters I could claim to *fancy* - I like more 
characters, of course.


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