Fancying characters

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Wed Nov 5 09:56:42 EST 2003

>*cough* One doesn't have to be a *man* to fancy Sophie... Personally, I've fancied Howl and >Sophie both for a very long time.

>Nor *cough* *cough* would all the men on the list fancy Sophie. Personally, Howl would be lovely, >or perhaps Rupert Venables . . . .

Groan. Which is why I said "aligned that way..."  Rupert is good. Yes. Even when he's being The Prat Rupert, there's something about him. 

I've been trying to cast Maree in my mind, but my brain keeps giving me Julia S-whatsit. Saffie from AbFab, Mrs Hornblower and Jonathan Creek's occasional sidekick. She was a Dr Who companion in the Rowan Atkinson short. She's too old, but she could do the hard stare.


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