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On Wednesday, November 5, 2003, at 12:40  AM, Katarina Hjärpe wrote:

>>> Guy Pearce could do it, perhaps. He's got the bony face and can act 
>>> both
>>> sides of the coin. He's not pretty...
>> *is happy at the thought of Guy Pearce*
> Yeah, I could see Guy Pearce in the part (though I'm still in favour 
> of Jason Flemyng, should he want it). Jonathan Rhys-Meyers might 
> work... it's interesting, he's closer to Howl's age than the others, 
> and yet my brain wants to tell me he's too young.
>>> Well, we all love Howl... those who are aligned that way, anyway. 
>>> Any of you
>>> men out there fancy Sophie?
> *cough* One doesn't have to be a *man* to fancy Sophie... Personally, 
> I've fancied Howl and Sophie both for a very long time.
> Katta

Nor *cough* *cough* would all the men on the list fancy Sophie. 
Personally, Howl would be lovely, or perhaps Rupert Venables . . . .


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