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Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Wed Nov 5 08:39:32 EST 2003

> Did she give clues as to into which category she would put John Staple, or
> Charles Audley, or Nick Beauvallet, or Robin Tremaine?  Lamblike killers?
> Or there is a whole bunch of blokes like Anthony Fanshawe and Tristram
> Shield who are neither lamblike nor brusque and savage, just large and
> efficient, and another who are of the polite but intelligent breed, like
> Gervase Frant and Kit Fanshaw and Gareth Ludlow and Gilly Ware and Adam
> Deveril, who don't seem very lamblike except in a dislike of squabbles,
> have strong wills under an elegant facade...  And the ones who are rakes
> with a sense of humour, like Jasper Damerel or Miles Calverleigh or Robert
> Beaumaris...
> I think she was selling herself short again.

Undoubtedly. She put John Staple (I love John Staple) in the lamblike, I
believe. However Hugo (I love Hugo even better) she quoted as being; "not
very Heyer-hero, because *nice*".

Maybe lamblike wasn't the word she used... but I remember it was something
with mild connotations. I'll look it up tomorrow. My Heyer-bio lurketh
outside in the shed and to put the light on I have to unplug the tank pump,
and to unplug the tank pump I need the light.

Confused *now*?


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