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Wed Nov 5 08:26:29 EST 2003

Sallyo explained (or not as the case may be)

>> Which of them are you calling hero #1 and which #2?  and what about the
>> other twenty-plus of them?
>Heyer herself referred to them thus; she said she wrote two kinds of heroes,
>the lamblike ones and the brusque, savage sort. However, she changed the
>order from #1 and #2 to #2 and #1 at some point.

No more than usual, when it's Heyer being rude about her own work.  I've
always suspected that she did it so she'd have got in first and other
people then wouldn't.

Did she give clues as to into which category she would put John Staple, or
Charles Audley, or Nick Beauvallet, or Robin Tremaine?  Lamblike killers?
Or there is a whole bunch of blokes like Anthony Fanshawe and Tristram
Shield who are neither lamblike nor brusque and savage, just large and
efficient, and another who are of the polite but intelligent breed, like
Gervase Frant and Kit Fanshaw and Gareth Ludlow and Gilly Ware and Adam
Deveril, who don't seem very lamblike except in a dislike of squabbles, and
have strong wills under an elegant facade...  And the ones who are rakes
with a sense of humour, like Jasper Damerel or Miles Calverleigh or Robert

I think she was selling herself short again.


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