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minnow at minnow at
Wed Nov 5 07:12:44 EST 2003

Jennifer wrote:

>Moorhens probably never get any of the fermented-fruit binges that land
>birds go on when they have the chance. Maybe that's why they're so
>bad-tempered. (Unless I'm thinking of coots.)

Moorhens is merely misanthropic, coots is Evil Cannibals: they eat other
coots' eggs, as well as any other egg they can get their beaks on.  Or so
say the Keepers of the Ducks in Regent's Park, who are not coot fans.

Moorhens are the smaller ones with red on their heads, coots have the white
caps and their heads look a bit like the alien blow-up doll things that
were all over the shops a while back, if that helps.


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