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Wed Nov 5 06:54:13 EST 2003

Jon wrote

>I have just been going through last weeks papers for
>our cuttings files when I came across this story;



doesn't say kills what, but never mind....

>A predatory fish species likened to the piranha and
>cane toad because of its aggressive nature, has been
>discovered in waterways across the Hunter.
>Known as gambusia, mosquito fish or the plague

Coo1  I knew that a minnow was a phoxinus phoxinus or one of several
unrelated species of small European fish, because that's what it says in
the dictionary, and I knew a pink was another name for a minnow (among many
many other things, "pink" has umpteen meanings), but I never expected to
have the chance to be be a *plague* minnow.

When I was a smallish child I was called "Mosquito" by a professorial
friend of my father's because I would keep asking questions and buzzing in
his ears, so maybe the mosquito fish is closer to the mark.

>however if you
>want the original story to frame on your wall if you
>give me a postal address I'll post it to you.

I don't think I need to have the original story, that seems a lot of
trouble to ask you to go to.  Thanks, though!

Minnow (with the poison fang...)

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