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Tue Nov 4 22:38:52 EST 2003

Quoting Otter Perry <ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com>:

> Sally Odgers wrote:
> > Has anyone else ever read a Georgette Heyer book and suddenly realised
> that
> > she would have been the bucolic farmer's daughter or maid and *not* the
> > heroine? Or, should you be male, that you would have been a footman or
> > bucolic farmer's boy, and *not* Heyer-hero #1 or #2?
> Yes, indeed.
> I was an enormous fan of Lord Peter Whimsey as an adolescent
> [the books -- this was long before the TV serieses] and I had
> a truly dreadful moment when I realized he wouldn't have liked
> me a bit.
> [I'm still a big fan of Dorothy Sayers.]

It always takes me ages to admit that I'm not like a character I admire.  For example, I wish I 
was calm and centred like Bujold's Ekaterin, but know that I'm much more flighty and excitable. 
Although I'm only 23, so I'm not Ekaterin's age yet...

And after the list had that discussion a while back about which Heyer character we most 
resemble, I've tried to decide which I'm most like, but can't! I *wish* I was like The Grand 
Sophy, but am definitely not that brave. But I don't identify with the young, silly (but funny) 
characters, or the sensible spinstery ones (I'm probably a mix of both). I think I'll read some 
and see if I resemble a male character more.
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