Elite[s] and elitists, Cooper and Others

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 4 21:13:14 EST 2003

><Since I am in trouble for calling my 4th year
>class a bunch of ignoramuses
>for not having heard of Stephen J Gould, I am
>currently in a bit of hot
>water for being an intellectual elitist, myself.>
>This sounds unreasonable since ignorance can
>always be corrected, its not like you called them
>thick (my Dad, as a teacher in the 70s was fond
>of saying "the only thing you'll ever pass is
>water!"  However my inner schoolgirl, channelling
>your pupils,  says "Its not our fault nobody in
>science told us, and our parents don't buy the
>right kind of newspaper.......if you teachers
>want us to know about something you have to tell
>us, right?!"* To which my outer(?) adult says
>you'll never learn anything if you are not
>prepared to learn for yourself! And my point
>is................ it's too late at night to have
>a point so I will just offer this ramble instead.

The reason I was so outraged about Gould is that these people all live 
practically within spitting distance of the Burgess Shale. Most of them 
have seen it, been on it, or been past it. Since Gould is the man 
responsible for its popularisation, I found it outrageous that they hadn't 
heard of him.

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