howl casting (was RE: dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #729)

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Nov 4 20:50:30 EST 2003

> |Guy Pearce could do it, perhaps. He's got the bony face and can act both
> |sides of the coin. He's not pretty...
> He's *super* pretty in Priscilla.  He's the shirtless one on the roof of
> the bus, isn't he?
> I'm not sure Howl should be that built.  Romanov, maybe.

Have you seen him lately? He's lost weight and looks positively gaunt. In
The Time Machine he's cadaverous.. he's a brilliant actor. Played a nasty
little turkeycock in Count of Monte Christo, a hurting lover/hero in The
Time Machine and a bespectacled nerd in LA Confidential. Also a nutter in
Memento. He's a proper little chameleon. But not pretty. <g>


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