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Emma Comerford emmaco at tpg.com.au
Tue Nov 4 20:41:59 EST 2003

Quoting Laurie Puszczewicz <lpuszcze at indiana.edu>:
> If you can get your hands on them and haven't yet raed them, I highly
> recommend reading Montgomery's journals, four of which have been published
> to this point.  I had read and re-read the Emily books before reading
> these, and there are so many events that she pulled from her own life, at
> least for _Emily of New Moon_.  You really get a better appreciation of
> her books when you read about the context in which she produced them.  The
> portrayals of insufferable family members seemed to have come out of
> first-hand experience!  

I would love to read the journals, but have not been able to find them on my budget yet. But I 
had always suspected the Emily books were semi-autobiographical, which made me appreciate 
them more! I like all three books, and think Montgomery did I great job of portraying that sense 
of paralysing despair that the interesting part of life is over and this stage of life will drag on 

As for Anne - I think she's one of those characters that can influence one's own character 
development. I think I consciously encouraged my sense of the fantastic after reading these 
books at a young age, and certainly paid more attention to the natural world. And I clearly 
remember being delighted that my brown eyes turned into green-hazel, and hoping that my 
blond hair, which was darkening, would become red! (It didn't, surprisingly enough).

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