OT: L. M. Montgomery

Laurie Puszczewicz lpuszcze at indiana.edu
Tue Nov 4 19:47:24 EST 2003

Sarah wrote: 
>I found myself deeply frustrated by the mystical elements of
>the Emily books, because they didn't strike me as convincing, and found
>character increasingly *wet* as she aged, which was a disappointment    

--What was worse was the TV series they made of it in Canada. In the first
episode she sees the ghost of (I think) Dickens in a train station.  It
was all downhill form there, although I did like the fact that at least
parts of it were filmed on Prince Edward Island. I can deal with the
supernatural elements, although I agree Emily gets less interesting as she
gets older, but then, so does Anne.  I don't think Montgomery could write
*women* as well as she could girls. At least not as main characters,
because she has some good supporting women characters. 

>since I'd started out liking her very much. By the end of 'Emily's      
>Quest' I was only finishing the book so I would have got it out of the  
>way. (But then, I would have married Jarback; I guess you have to make  
>allowances for taste.)                                                  

Would you really?  I agree that he is *far* more interesting than Teddy
(no way I would have married him), and he would make a great friend, but
he was too creepy and controlling to make a good husband.  Look at the way
he got her to burn her book just because he was jealous of the time she
spent writing, or the way he decided he would marry her someday when she
was what, eleven?  But, to each her own :)  Howl has his own issues, but I
still love him :) (OBDWJ)


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