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Laurie Puszczewicz lpuszcze at indiana.edu
Tue Nov 4 19:34:24 EST 2003

I'm coming in on the tail end of this--blame midterms...

Melissa wrote:
I was always put off by Anne, who seemed quite perfectly perfect and          
annoying, and by the sense that I would have been Diana instead.  (I had a    
friend who was CLEARLY an Anne, so....)  Though as I read the rest of the     
series, I realized I identified far more closely with the prickly Leslie      
Moore, which was comforting.  And still I enjoy the series!  But I read
Emily books for the first time last year, and liked them even better.         
Overall they seem more...not realistic, but mundane, quotidian (to use a      
fancy word I can never feel entirely comfortable with)...and that was very    
appealing to me.  And that's despite the mystical aspects of the
I don't know, maybe it's the contrast that makes it work.                     

If you can get your hands on them and haven't yet raed them, I highly
recommend reading Montgomery's journals, four of which have been published
to this point.  I had read and re-read the Emily books before reading
these, and there are so many events that she pulled from her own life, at
least for _Emily of New Moon_.  You really get a better appreciation of
her books when you read about the context in which she produced them.  The
portrayals of insufferable family members seemed to have come out of
first-hand experience!  And count me among those who like _The Blue
Castle_, even though reality is not its strong suit.  

As for Anne, I still love the books, although I recognize things about
them now
which I don't like very much. I too like the book which best corresponds
with my own stage in life.  I also like Leslie Moore, and Katherine the
sharp-tongued principal from I can't remember which book, who, after Anne
makes a remark about how nice it is to wash dishes, since it's so great to
make things fresh and clean, snaps, "You belong in a museum." 

OBDWJ: I had to give a presentation in my children's lit class last week,
and I did it on _Howl's Moving Castle_ and _The House with a Clock in its
Walls_, and I may have inspired a few people to pick up DWJ. Talk about a
good deed.


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