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Tue Nov 4 17:22:24 EST 2003

Robyn recounted:

>Actually, sometimes we laugh our heads off and give a D - like in the case
>of the essay I just read which referred throughout to Beowulf and his
>"group of worriers".


Give that student an A for perceptiveness!  They don't fight; they sit
around worrying that Beowulf has overdone the bragging, then they lie
around worrying that they might be the spear-carrier Grendel is about to
eat, then they stand around worrying whilst Beowulf goes and has it out
with Grendel's mum, then they stand around at a safe distance worrying
about the dragon....

Still laughing, me.  I shall hand that one to selected friends who know the
poem, if I may.

(Which I did without permission, about ten minutes later, and DWJ comments
that they are indeed worriers: "Yes, they're all there saying 'ooh dear,
he's been down there an awfully long time, d'you think we ought to tell


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