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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Nov 4 08:32:55 EST 2003


>At the suggestion of the list, I have read some Martha Wells. 
>Actually, I have read Wheel of the Infinite and enjoyed it 
>immensely. However, I am stuck in the first 30 pages of both Death 
>of a Necromancer, and the more recent one (it's downstairs, and it's 
>cold down there, so I can't type the title). So I need some advice, 
>will I enjoy them if I persist? I am not quite sure what I don't 
>like; I think it is a stylistic thing, because I keep finding myself 
>in the middle of a paragraph and not understanding what is going on.

One of the original recommenders, so I'm not too objective about 
this!  I read Death of the Necromancer before WotI, and really liked 
it a lot, but I've loved all her others, rather than just liking them 
(except for the ending of City of Bones, which is another story).  I 
tried rereading Necromancer when I had the flu, and simply couldn't 
do it, though I really wanted to, so I can understand finding it 
somewhat of a slog.  But the Wizard Hunters didn't strike me that way 
at all, so if you're finding that one tough going, my advice (to 
persist, but Necromancer first) is probably worthless.

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