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On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Robyn Starkey wrote:

|>Being PC is "wrong" when it leads to pretence, I think. I do believe that
|>some kinds of pretence are positively dangerous and lead to huge
|>disappointment when people discover they've been effectively lied to.
|This is exactly the experience of some of our students. The attitude of
|some schools here is that any negative comments are harmful to a student's
|self esteem.

Yes, but the label "PC" has become an umbrella term covering this
attitude (which is definitely silly and counter-productive) but also a
host of other attitudes, such as, say, "teachers shouldn't go out of
their ways to make students feel stupid for no reason", or "racism is
probably not good for our community".  By tarring all such attitudes
with the same brush, and then using over-the-top examples, many pundits
have managed to ridicule many important ideas by association.

I'm trying to (a) make this on-topic since it's so overtly political,
and (b) not assume that everyone here shares my politics, or I'll have
to remove myself from the list for bad behaviour.  Umm.


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