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Mon Nov 3 23:15:54 EST 2003

>Being PC is "wrong" when it leads to pretence, I think. I do believe that
>some kinds of pretence are positively dangerous and lead to huge
>disappointment when people discover they've been effectively lied to.

This is exactly the experience of some of our students. The attitude of 
some schools here is that any negative comments are harmful to a student's 
self esteem. So they aren't often corrected when they make mistakes, 
particularly in English. Which means many of them can't spell, or write a 
complete sentence, or construct an argument, and they are not aware that 
this is a problem, because no one has said anything negative about their 
writing. When they get to college, instructors with more commitment to 
actual education and fewer PC inhibitions, fail their essays.

Actually, sometimes we laugh our heads off and give a D - like in the case 
of the essay I just read which referred throughout to Beowulf and his 
"group of worriers".

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