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Mon Nov 3 17:03:23 EST 2003

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> Melissa asks "On this topic, though, does anyone
> have an opinion on the 
> Narnia movies
> produced by the BBC in the late '80s?  I've been
> considering checking out
> the new DVD version from the library, but I don't
> want to waste our time if
> they aren't any good."
> I saw some of LWatW when it first came out. I
> thought Lucy was too 
> pudding-faced and I disliked the
> stiff-plush-over-wood look of the animals. I can't 
> remember much more about it, but I abandoned it
> before they ever got to Aslan. I 
> have been told that there are good bits, however. I
> might give them a try 
> another time.
They are certainly worth a watch, you'll have to make
up your own mind about purchase. There are some very
good bits - as someone said Tom Baker's Puddleglum is
great, well worth watching the whole series for imho.
The special effects are fairly weak by todays
standards, and even when they were made they were
typical low budget BBC - not nearly state of the art -
but, hey, if you grew up on Dr Who and Blake's 7 you
are not after state of the art special effects.
(anyone else remember the Blake's 7 spaceship made out
of two hairdryers?)


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