dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #729

Roger Burton West roger at firedrake.org
Mon Nov 3 16:10:36 EST 2003

On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 10:04:16AM +1300, Sarah wrote:
>>Anyone mind very much telling me what list software is used for this 
>>list?  I've been moderating an email list for a month or so now and 
>>would like to explore some alternatives.  Majordomo is the one we're 
>>currently on and moderating it is a pain.
>I believe this runs on Majordomo too! You might try a service like 
>Yahoo! Groups.

I strongly recommend against Yahoo! Groups. Yahoo! reserves the right to
sell any email addresses used in that system to anyone it likes, and has
several times sold them to spammers.

If anyone wants to run a mailing list, there are quite a few people
(including me) who will be happy to host them on their own servers. And
if you have a permanently-on connection, there's software to let you do
it on your own PC.

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