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Sarah sarah-neko at dove.gen.nz
Mon Nov 3 16:04:16 EST 2003

> Anyone mind very much telling me what list software is used for this 
> list?  I've been moderating an email list for a month or so now and 
> would like to explore some alternatives.  Majordomo is the one we're 
> currently on and moderating it is a pain.

I believe this runs on Majordomo too! You might try a service like 
Yahoo! Groups.

> Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 19:36:43 -0800 (PST)
> From: Jon Noble <jon_p_noble at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: Self-introduction
> Welcome to the list, you'll find not only lots of DWJ
> fans here (now there's a suprise), but quite a few of
> us are also anime fans. There are even several other
> Kiwis on the list, a group which technically includes
> me in that I have a New Zealand passport although I
> left NZ in 1959 at a very young age (5) and have only
> been back once, in 1974. I also have a Sarah, my
> younger daughter a couple of years younger than you
> and also a DWJ and anime fan.

Good, the world needs more Sarahs like that! I have a British passport 
in addition to my Kiwi one because of my father's birthplace (within 
the sound of Bow Bells); it's not *quite* like having a castle with a 
door that opens on four different places, but it does give you a nice 
sense of privileged versatility. 'I can be British... or I can be Kiwi. 
And during the Eurovision Song Contest, I'm definitely a Kiwi.' Thank 
you for the welcome!

> Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 23:32:42 +1100
> From: "Sally Odgers" <sodgers at dodo.com.au>
> Subject: Re: Self-introduction
> Hi, Sarah;
> Nice to meet you. "Howl" is one of my favourite DWJ books too. (The 
> others
> are "Deep Secret" and "Fire and Hemlock") This list can be really busy
> sometimes, then it goes quiet for a while. I reckon you'll like it 
> here, but
> don't be surprised if some of the conversation gets a bit 
> philosophical at
> times. I think this list has the highest concentration of HI-Q people 
> of any
> list I'm on (about 17 at last count). I just sit back and watch, and 
> hope to
> understand at least some of the allusions that fly over.

Without wishing to sound insufferable, that sounds about my speed. 
After all, we must all be fairly bright to be so fond of DWJ *^.^* It 
would be hard to pick my favourite of her books, chiefly because I'm 
bad at picking a favourite of anything. I always like the children's 
books a little better than the ones written for an older audience.

> Unlike you (and most others on this list) I'm sulking *very* sulkily 
> that
> Howl won't be live-action.

I tend to think that fantasy is better served by animation; this always 
makes it hard to have a conversation with me about, say, dreamcasting a 
Discworld movie. Apart from an ironclad conviction that Bruce Willis 
should play Samuel Vimes (since my other idea, cloning a hybrid of 
Humphrey Bogart and Clint Eastwood and raising it to act, has been 
rejected as unethical and too time-consuming) I always go off on a 'but 
it should be animated' tangent. It is so much easier to make characters 
like Death, the Librarian, or skipping back to DWJ, Calcifer, 
convincing in animation, and I always have a suspension-of-disbelief 
problem with live actors interacting extensively with CG or 
cel-animated characters.
How would you cast your ideal Howl movie, though? *^.^* All the pretty 
men in Hollywood willing to dye their hair blond are now queuing up for 
your consideration.
James Marsters: I did mine already, and I have a bony, sophisticated 
face: do I get bonus points?

> Sallyo (from Tassie... like John, I'm a Dowunderite, but unlike John, I
> stayed in the country, state, town and even *road* of my childhood.)

Where the wombats all know your name? *^.^*

> On Mon, 03 Nov 2003 22:43:23 +1100, Abe Gross wrote:
> On this topic, though, does anyone have an opinion on the Narnia movies
> produced by the BBC in the late '80s?  I've been considering checking 
> out
> the new DVD version from the library, but I don't want to waste our 
> time if
> they aren't any good.
> Melissa Proffitt

I remember those well because I was very excited about them at the 
time, being eleven (when they started) and rabid about Narnia. They are 
not *bad*. I've especially heard good things about Tom Baker's 
performance as Puddleglum the Marshwiggle in 'The Silver Chair.' 
(Bafflingly, there is a Japanese DWJ fansite called 'Silver Chair.') 
But I always loathed the chubby-faced, overbite-ridden child who played 
Lucy (Lucy should be elfin!), and Aslan, sadly, is very puppetty.
- La Déesse, digest-gal.

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