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Chris Dollin eh at electric-hedgehog.net
Mon Nov 3 12:37:44 EST 2003

On Monday 03 Nov 2003 11:43 am, Abe Gross wrote:

> Thanks for this, Kale. I still have little information about what they're
> showing here so I'm not completely sure if it's the same thing. It's listed
> as a 3-hour movie, not a mini-series, and Chris Potter isn't mentioned. The
> actors listed are Alfre Woodard, Kate Nelligan, Alison Elliott and Katie
> Stuart. The site you pointed me to mentions three of these, so I guess it
> *must* be the right one. It's a good sign that it won Best Feature at a
> film festival. But that must mean they've cut out an hour of the
> mini-series. :-(

A 4-hour American mini-series could be cut down quite easily to a 
three-hour film: omit the commercial breaks. Voila!

Chris the recently-visited-USA Hedgehog
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