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Emma Comerford emmaco at
Mon Nov 3 01:25:36 EST 2003

Quoting Jon Noble <jon_p_noble at>:

> When I tried something I'd written it guessed male,
> but when I tried part of my wife's Masters Thesis and
> part of her PhD proposal it guessed male for both of
> them too (but never said she was a butch chick.)
> Maybe it works on the principle that 80% of the people
> who do it are male and just says male every time :) 
> Jon

Maybe so, as it guessed a large chunk of my most recent non-fiction work was written by a 
male as well! I wish I had some other examples of my work to feed in and see if the topic 
(science-based, economics-based, casual summaries of current state of world etc) influences 
the prediction! But, alas, I'm on a new computer and my CD drive won't read the CDs I brought 
with me from my last job.

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