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Sun Nov 2 22:36:43 EST 2003

Welcome to the list, you'll find not only lots of DWJ
fans here (now there's a suprise), but quite a few of
us are also anime fans. There are even several other
Kiwis on the list, a group which technically includes
me in that I have a New Zealand passport although I
left NZ in 1959 at a very young age (5) and have only
been back once, in 1974. I also have a Sarah, my
younger daughter a couple of years younger than you
and also a DWJ and anime fan.


--- Sarah <sarah-neko at> wrote:
> Hello... I hope it's okay to pipe up like this. I am
> brand-new to your 
> list, which I found when I was doing web searches
> for any information 
> on the forthcoming Miyazaki movie of 'Howl's Moving
> Castle.' I am 25 
> now and have been a DWJ fan since I was a child
> (maybe 9 or 10?). The 
> first of her books that I read was 'Witch Week,'
> which I seem to 
> remember my mother bringing me from the library when
> I was sick in bed 
> and very bored. I'm especially excited about the
> movie because I am, 
> quite separately, also an anime fan, so learning
> that the mighty 
> Miyazaki planned to adapt a book by one of my
> favourite writers was... 
> well... spiffy. I'm actually rereading 'Howl' at the
> moment and 
> enjoying it as much as ever. The weird coincidence
> is that when I was 
> watching Miyazaki's last movie, 'Spirited Away' at
> the cinema, the 
> scene in which Haku leads Chihiro by the hand
> through a magnificent but 
> bewildering garden of rhododendrons made me think of
> the flowering part 
> of the Waste. I got home, shared my impressions of
> the movie with 
> friends on an anime forum, said 'I wonder what
> Miyazaki will do next' 
> and someone said 'He's adapting some English fantasy
> book called 
> "Howl's Moving Castle".' I was gobsmacked.
> Actually, it seems like a very logical progression
> from 'Spirited Away' 
> since both stories are strongly focused on the rules
> of fairy-tale 
> life. I was intrigued to find with a little more
> searching that there 
> seems to be a substantial Japanese fanbase, and I
> adore the fanart that 
> I've seen so far (if only, if *only* I could lay my
> hands on some of 
> those doujinshi).
> Anyway, I hope we'll have plenty of interesting
> conversations, both 
> about the books and the movie when it's finally
> ready.
> - La Déesse (
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